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On Inspirational Dressings

Posted on Sat, Mar. 8th (2014) at 1:50pm
When I was in high school, my mom found this dressing at Whole Foods that I would get cravings for.  I'd eat huge bowls of salad just to be a vehicle for the dressing.  I don't remember much about it other than it was made with canola oil and it was addictive.

When I lived in Austin, I had a similar relationship with Sisters' SASS (Season All Stuff Sauce) Sesame Garlic dressing.  After I moved to Seattle, there was a while where I could buy 6-packs of it from Amazon, secure in the knowledge that there were plenty of Austin expats here for me to distribute it to, but after a while that went away.  For a while, I would ask the people who were going back to Austin to import bottles for me, but eventually that seemed like too much effort.

Since then, I've been bouncing from dressing to dressing.  Brianna's ginger mandarin has been a pretty good stand in, but it's got a lot of sugar in it and it doesn't drive me to eat salads unexpectedly.  So yesterday, I was at Safeway, and there was a woman there giving out samples of spinach coated in these dressing/marinade/dips by Tessemae's.  I'd gotten some of their Southwest Ranch a couple of weeks ago, and it was pretty good, so I tried the other flavors.  They were all pretty good until I got to the Soy Ginger.  As soon as I tasted it, my hand shot out and grabbed a bottle.  HRH laughed at me.  He'd tasted it first, and he'd said to himself, "As soon as Jenna tastes that, it's going in the basket."  Apparently he knows a thing or two about me.

I really like it.  I'm telling you this as I power through my second bowl of baby kale soaked in this stuff.  No sugar, not a lot of sodium, big flavor.  I don't often wax rhapsodic about dressing (about once a decade, apparently), but I am now devoted to this stuff.  Do yourself a favor.  Go try it. 


sheilagh at 2014-03-08 23:21 (UTC) (Link)
I can just about drink this stuff: http://alpineavocado.com/
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