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Princess Garden Bandit

On Superpowers

Posted on Mon, Sep. 10th (2012) at 9:02pm
I used to (and I suppose I still do) have a friend named Richard who challenged my worldview on a regular basis.  It was my favorite thing about him, really.  One night a couple of years ago, he and HRH and I were out drinking beers, and I made some disparaging remark about someone, probably about them not being very smart.  Richard shook his head and said, "You say that like you know what's important, but you've written this guy off because he's not smart enough.  You don't know.  He could have superpowers.  He could have x-ray vision, and you'd never know, because you've dismissed him for being stupid."  I think he was just tweaking me, but it made me think about things nonetheless.

Recently, I seem to have forgotten that lesson, because I think I've been considerably more judge-y than is strictly speaking necessary.  I mean, just tonight, I was flipping through pictures of Jessica Simpson and feeling vaguely superior since she had her baby a month and a half before me.  She's someone that I'd honestly sort of dismissed (despite the fact that I find shoes that I really like that turn out to be Jessica Simpson brand with disturbing frequency), and that was the point of view that I was looking at her pictured from when I noticed that one of the captions said, "Jessica Simpson runs errands in New York on Nov. 30, 2012."

"She looks a lot better there," I thought.  Then I thought, "Wait a minute... must be a typo."

Then I clicked to the next picture.  The caption was, "Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson head to lunch in Los Angeles on Dec. 27, 2012."

"HOLY CRAP!!!" I thought.  "Richard was right!  Jess can TIME TRAVEL!!" 

I totally underestimated her. 

Also, future Jess has really pulled it together from a weight loss point of view. 

Also, the Mayans were wrong.

*mind blown*


trollbabyfeet at 2012-09-12 03:41 (UTC) (Link)
LOL! You have NO idea how I needed this laugh today!

(And does it scare you just a little bit that the girl that thinks that tuna really is the chicken of the sea can time travel?)
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