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World's Most Expensive Diaper

Posted on Sun, Sep. 2nd (2012) at 11:00pm
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The Noodle Boy has the ability to do some truly startling things from time to time.  He'll be just sort of hanging out when an event of such volume will emerge from the general vicinity of his diaper that people who are in the room with him will jump.  We were 2/3 of the way to Leavenworth on an unplanned outing when just such an event occurred.  Then it occurred again.  And again.  HRH and the iBoo were inside on a quest for a restroom.  I was startled.

When I hauled the Noodle around to the back to address the situation, I was confident that I had a change of clothes for him in my bag.  When I got them out, I saw that they were the wrong size, but I held them up and saw that they were still about the right length.  Then I realized that his knees were pulled up to his chest, and my confidence waned.  15 minutes later, I was left with a (previously full) mostly empty bag of wipes and a clean baby who was wearing only a diaper and had no prospects for wearing anything more any time soon.  We traveled on to Leavenworth where I had some hopes of finding some overpriced baby lederhosen and perhaps a dirndl for the iBoo.  I found neither.  What I did find was a t-shirt (that was apparently designed by Jon Bon Jovi) with a design vaguely reminiscent of a yakuza tattoo and some matching pants in a "specialty children's clothes" boutique in the tourist trap section of Leavenworth.  The iBoo went in with me to supervise the fashion selections for her baby brother.  I was planning on picking up something for her as well, but she didn't seem interested in anything, although I saw a bright red tutu with matching fairy wings, wand, and headband that I thought would be good for Halloween.  It became clear that I'd misinterpreted the situation when she threatened to pee all over her dress in order to secure the same treatment as the Noodle.  I mean, to be fair, from her point of view, he was getting, for all intents and purposes, a present as a reward for having shat all over himself.  I just wanted to get out of there, and I'm mildly ashamed that we now own the tutu.  I feel somewhat vindicated, though, by the fact that I've told her that she can't have the ExtortionTutu until Halloween. 

It was seriously the world's most expensive diaper, but at least I have the basis of her Halloween costume now, and the Bon Jovi tshirt is pretty cool.

Children are such a blessing.


jadeejf at 2012-09-03 17:20 (UTC) (Link)
Hahaha, sorry, oh- that is the world's most expensive diaper! Leavenworth seems like the worst possible place to have to buy baby clothing. I mean, if you have to have a diaper blowout in a fake foreign town, far better to have that happen in Poulsbo. So, next time... Norway. :)
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